About us

Best Before it's Gone, what does this name mean? 

Well, we sell products which are nearing or past their best before dates, and once they've gone they may have gone for good... we never know what product lines we will get next, so you best be quick to grab yourself a bargain. 

We have quickly become the most prominent reseller of best before dated products in the Midlands. We have built our business on two primary ethics: 

1) Reducing the amount of food waste in the UK by keeping food out of landfill sites. Retailers and manufacturers often think the food is non-saleable just because it's near its best before date (however be sure to know the difference between best before and use by dates, click here to go to the Government web site). 

2) Saving our customers money by selling most of our products at 50% or less than its original retail price ( hence our website name cheapfood . co .uk ). 

We think this is a simple and clear mission; it doesn't get much more complicated than that. We even offer a no quibble money back guarantee, if you're not happy just let us know and we'll happily replace or refund your purchase, no question. 

We don't sell meat or dairy products, or anything which has a use by date. We sell processed foods (tins, jars, snacks etc.) which have been produced in controlled manufacturing environments and have an advisory best before date. This refers to the point in time when the product will be at its best quality. After this point, the product may lose some flavour or colour but is still perfectly safe to eat. And as we have said if you are not completely satisfied we'll happily replace or refund. 

In these challenging times, most people are keeping their eyes open for money-saving opportunities. Well consuming food near or past its best before date could be the shrewdest purchase you make. 

If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us: 

Tel: 01327 705982

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